Scan My Foot Technology

Shoe Buddy’s one of a kind scanning technology is easy to use and gives you an accurate assessment on your foot type - all from your mobile device. Use Shoe Buddy and be confident you know your foot type and your best shoe options.

It works like this:

You place a bare and clean foot in water and step onto a hard surface like concrete or cardboard, leaving behind a solid footprint. Then from your mobile device, position the imprint within the camera guide screen. Snap the photo and your footprint will be uploaded to Shoe Buddy for assessment. Once your foot type is analysed, use Shoe Buddy measurement tool to give you your shoe size and width.

Its that easy!

You’ll then have access to the latest shoes on the market best suited to you with up to date product images, shoe weights, suitability and an easy to understand snapshot of shoe technical data.

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