Shoe Buddy Launches!
Date : 11/17/2014

SYDNEY: 17 November 2014 – Dr Michael Kinchington PhD, sports medicine podiatrist to the Sydney Swans & Western Sydney Wanderers, today launched a shoe reviews app called Shoe Buddy that gives consumers his insights into the best shoes on the market specific to individual sporting needs. 

Shoe Buddy is the only app that empowers consumers with unfiltered, expert reviews of the latest athletic shoes. Each shoe is presented with Dr Kinchington’s professional opinion which he bases on the latest research across performance, injury prevention and comfort.

“With so much information out there, it’s not easy for the average consumer to figure out which athletic shoes they should buy,” said Dr Michael Kinchington, Founder of Shoe Buddy. “Shoe manufacturers go to great lengths to innovate shoes every season yet its often hard to translate the value of new shoe features, especially when everyone has specific needs.”

The app’s unique Scan My Foot technology accurately assesses a person’s foot shape from a mobile device. When combined with individual sporting needs and athletic profile, Shoe Buddy lists the most appropriate shoes on the market removing any ambiguity or worry in selecting the wrong shoes. 

Kinchington continued: “A heavy set long-distance runner with a pronating foot shape has different needs than a young tennis player with a flat foot. They train differently, the impact on lower limbs varies and the shoe support required is unique to each sport and a person’s foot shape. Short of seeing a podiatrist, Shoe Buddy is the best way to get the right information so consumers can make smart and informed buying decisions.” 

In his reviews, Dr Kinchington shares his views on shoe quality and integrity, and gives an indication of the shoe’s lifecycle. 

For consumers who simply wish to review the latest athletic shoes on the market - with manufacturers’ details and product features - a free version of Shoe Buddy is available. Information is updated every shoe season (approx. every 6 months). 

For those looking to access the innovative foot scanning technology and Dr Kinchington’s professional recommendations, Shoe Buddy Premium is available for $3.99. 

The app is available on all Android phones and will be live on the App Store in the next few weeks. 

Download Shoe Buddy on Google Play

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