Why Shoe Buddy?

Purchasing athlete sports shoes can be complicated. With dozens of new sports shoes to choose from each season, regular technology developments and lots of marketing jargon, it can be difficult selecting the right shoe for your specific sporting needs.

Shoe Buddy helps you make the right sports shoe choice by matching your foot shape with the latest sport shoes in the market. It is the only app to provide independent shoe reviews from a leading lower limb sports medicine specialist.

Dr Michael Kinchington PhD has over 20 years experience and personally reviews every shoe against the latest scientific research in sports medicine across the areas of performance, injury prevention and comfort.

Across running, football, netball, tennis, x-training and children’s sports footwear categories, Shoe Buddy’s market leading technology ensures you always get the right advice and the best match for your athletic requirements.

About Dr Michael Kinchington PhD (Sports Med)Pod; Grad Dip Sports Med; Ms Ex & Sports Sc; FAAPSM; FSMA

Dr. Michael Kinchington PhD holds a Masters Degree in the biomechanics of sports shoes and a PhD in sports medicine. He is a consultant to elite sporting organisations including the Sydney Swans (Australian Football League), Western Sydney Wanderers (A-League) and has been closely associated with the International Olympic movement, Special Olympics, Football Federation Australia, Cricket Australia and the National Rugby League.

Michael pursues his passion for injury prevention and athletic footwear performance as a reviewer for sports medicine journals, publishing academic papers and being available for industry and private consulting. He is the Founder and Director of Centre For Podiatric Medicine.

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